Mihai Ghita

Certified Trauma Therapist

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The first time I heard about extraordinary states of consciousness was at a young age, when I discovered a yoga course in my home town. At that time, I was mostly fascinated by the incredible stories of the ancient yoga practitioners, something that I would have obviously liked to experience for myself. But soon enough, I realized that the main goal of that spiritual practice was to help rediscover our divine legacy, to reach our full potential as human beings, which will lead to higher states of consciousness.

In the same time, a belief was created, that extraordinary states of consciousness are hard to achieve, it will take many years, if not several lifetimes of dedicated practice. Later on, in the recent years, this belief started to shift a little bit while doing the "Académie de Quantapraticiens Internationale" training. And again a little bit more with Alexandre Nadeau courses.
It finally vanished when I discovered the ISPS and realized that nowadays we have many wonderful and easy to use tools to heal so many traumas and go to higher levels of consciousness.

So here I am today, using these tools to help people become a better version of themselves, to live life more fully and filled with joy.

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