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Clinic Backup

Your certified therapist has a rather unusual relationship with the Institute that trained him in Peak States Therapy. Unlike most therapists who work independently, your therapist is part of a network of small treatment clinics spread around the world. And, as part of his licensing agreement with the Institute, he receives updates and training on new discoveries and processes from the Institute.

Normally, your therapist works independently of the Institute. However, if they are having trouble with healing or diagnosing a client, the therapist can contact a clinic for help in diagnosis or treatment. This is quite different than what happens with a typical therapist. Partly, this is due to the 'pay for results' principle that guides your therapist - he wants to make sure that he can help you eliminate your issue. It is also due to the constantly improving techniques being developed by the Institute.

The Institute clinics are small, but quite active. Their staff works directly for the Institute. These therapists have often taken several years of training with the Institute before they were able to work with clients at this advanced level. In addition, these staff members are involved with research activities, train, and assist therapists. For more information on specific clinics, click on the flag icons on the left menu bar. The overall website for the clinics is at

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