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"I am passionate about us as humans and how we are conducting outselves on the planet. I strive to make the world a better place by looking inward for the solutions."

Nemi is the director of Training  for the Institute for the Study of PeakStates and works with basic and advanced skills. Prior to PeakStates work she has extensive experience as a breathwork therapist. Her scope of treatments includes: Family and relationship issues, sexual and other abuse issues, depressions, OCD, addictions, ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, general life improvement, lifepath, carrier and management issues. She conducts PeakState processes and is available for introductory talks on Whole Hearted Healing and PeakStates work. Nemi takes residential clients for personal retreats and addiction treatments at the Australian PeakStates training and Therapy centre. 

My preferred way to meet new clients is a Skype chat after you have outlined what you want to achieve with the therapy in an email. We will assess your issues and work out a treatment plan. We can establish if I am the right therapist for you or if we need to find someone else or another therapy.

If you are a therapist, I am happy to talk about the value of becoming an PS therapist and how this work can and will enhance what you are already doing in your practice.

Feedback from clients

Silent Mind Process: Thank you Nemi!  I am very thankful that I went through the process with you every day that I step into my grade 8 classroom.  I don't get headaches and I can say what needs to be said to my students/parents calmly and confidently.  It is great. J.P.

ADHD treatment: "It is actually a very nice experience to found yourself really can sit still, enjoying the peace without the restlessness that always drive you to do something! After the healing on the ADHD process, my body has change from the restless states to a really relax and calm state. A lot of my behavior pattern change after the session - and it is a blessing to me! Thanks nemi and samsara for the session!" K.Y. 

"I actually came into this session because I was trying to find out how to improve my mental efficiency. I was completely shocked when I was diagnosed with a shattered mind syndrome and a mind brain split. Taken aback by the diagnosis I then recalled my ADHD symptoms and then had noticed that I really did have this shattered mind and that the “Scan” was in a way 80-90% correct but I still had my 10% doubts because I was already doing great with my studies and focus (or so I thought). I then immediately scheduled a healing session for the shattered mind syndrome. Nemi did it for me so I was able to just relax in bed with the skype turned on. In the session I felt really sleepy and so I just slept with the speakers on full blast so that I could hear if she’s typing or wanting me to check my left and right brain (this is how we check if the left and right brain are balanced enough so that she could work more on to find some more trauma to make it balanced). After the process was done I could feel that everything was so light and that I was in my body. I was more driven, focused and ‘almost’ (to say this is an overstatement, of course I can still get distracted probably if I want to subconsciously) nothing could distract me I tried to read some lecture notes because I’m still studying for my medical examination. I was shocked to find out I could read them for 4 - 6 hours straight (with breaks of 5-10 minutes between of course) and not be distracted by my phone or by the tabs on my web browsers. I was really in the now and my concentration and had really notice a jump in my focus especially towards my priorities (Before I was all over the place not knowing what to focus on really). I was so happy because I was reading with the efficiency I was hoping for. Not only that, my body felt so light that I could just sleep for 5-7 hours and still workout and still feel more  healthier than average. My body felt so light it felt as if I was just air (again an overstatement, but I just say this because I am grateful and it is the closest way to describe it). I am really thankful and this has truly changed the way I think and feel and I am sure that I will really help me in my career as a medical doctor and a human being. Thank you so much for this institution for bringing this healing into the world and thank you Nemi for being a wonderful messenger of healing and greater evolutionary change. The world will be a better place because of this work. I really recommend it 10/10. it is worth it, yes, it really is." E.J.

Healing a 'Bubble': (Client feels uncooperative, unable to connect with the environment, encapsulated.) Hello!  Just wanted to update you on any changes in D since you fixed his bubble.  It has been great!  He is more relaxed and less confrontational - he's been drawing and wants to try "new techniques" with it.  He pushed himself in his hockey ALL weekend..not just at the start of the tournament or the start of a game.  His guitar lession tonight was very good as well.  He could adapt easily to the spontanous playing that they were doing.  Even his teasing of E is mean.   B.P.

Inability and fear to get prgnant: "I happened to get pregnant in November. Your work is very helpful. Now for the fifth month. We will have a daughter :) We ara very happy:)" G.

Offset Colum of self : Since I had my Colum that was offset, fixed I have noticed the following:

I am more able to stay in my own centre and feel focused on me, before I felt off balance by other people’s strong emotions and opinions. I did experience two days after treatment, some really bad family news, this emotionally upset me and sent me off balance. However I was able to find my centre and turn myself around within a day. I am able to heal in myself more quickly and efficiently, and was able to heal an early development event, I have struggled with for 20 years. In the evening I have more energy

I was able to access and heal a generational line (maternal grandmother) I have been trying to heal and access for years. The results of this has been the most significant in my life. I feel more in the flow with life and able to access a lot of creative inspiration and can implement this into action. My energy feels totally different, for a few moths I have been trying to identify where this energy was coming from that was working against me, this has now totally gone.  Also people are saying I look younger, weight has dropped off me, my mum looks younger and I feel a lot closer to my mum, which has also been a lifetime issue!

I would highly recommend having an offset Colum done, because in hindsight this is how my life has felt energetically offset! K.H.

Cracked column of self:  It's been almost 3 months since the treatment, - you fixed my column of self that was parted in 3, and you also removed my mother's column that was in me. I just thought I'd drop you a couple of lines to follow up on the treatment..

I feel different: I live daily moments with a new awareness, I use my rationality and feel my feelings AT THE SAME TIME, which is new to me. I don't choose to be rational OR emotional. I am both - and one. I can't even begin to describe how this fact influences my behaviour and my daily activities..

The relationship with my partner has also greatly improved since my mom's presence and judgement is gone from inside of me. The feeling I had.. of being observed and judged at all times.. is now gone, and this allowes me to act with new confidence and do what I want. My partner noticed it, he says I became more unhinibited. 

I wanted to thank you, I am so greatful I had the chance to do this treatment with you and I am now benefiting from the changes that occurred in me. F.P

Searching for a partner:  I have worked with triune brain therapy regarding my issue with men. Men I was dating were creating a lot of distraction in my life. Now I seem to manage to have more structure in who I want to meet. Working with the triune brains made significant change to the situations where I was not sure or hesitating and spending a lot of energy deciding whether to meet someone or not. After applying Triune Brain Therapy, especially on the heart, this hesitation entaglement dissolved into non-attachment. Thank you so much for your session and how to work with my issue. A.L

Addiction and gambling:  Hi Nemi I won’t need that session on Tuesday. I’ve broken through that blockage and am able to process my stuff and those around me at our house now, This house has a strong vibe happening . I stopped drinking and gambling so it was good work with you so I’m keen to start healing myself now and I believe I have the tools to go on. P.R

Case-study Asperger's: Male client mid 30s. His therapist suspected Asperger’s by the description of the client’s social impairments. The ISPS scan revealed he had the known symptoms of being encased in what looks and feels like a glass cylinder, hindering emotional connection with people outside of the encasement.

When assessing the client, he reported the following:

-He was able to see and sense the encasement and it’s position outside of the body

-He described it as ‘ceramic’ 

-He felt it more on the left side

-He also reported that he was able to perceive a hole in the wall in front of him 

-He was generally fearful and had anxiety a) when being by himself and thinking about future social or professional interactions and b) when interacting with people in his life

-He felt confused about their intentions and his perception of them

-He felt that he had no control over situations involving other people.

-He perceived people outside of his encasement as somewhat threatening

-I asked him to try to move his awareness out of the hole in the wall and perceive people from that perspective. He said that his fearfulness and anxiety went away, and he felt safe and clearer about who the people were and in control of his interactions with them.

-The client had a little bit of fear about doing the session and not having his ’protective’ encasement

I pointed out to him that after the treatment he would feel the same way as when he put his awareness outside of the box.

He found it easy to follow the instructions of the process.

After the session he just sat there (like a little boy in front of a Christmas tree with gifts). All his fears and anxieties about being in the world with people had dropped away and he felt safe. He reported that now he was able to sense people and make sense of his interactions and emotional exchanges with them. The confusion was gone. 

Round 2 and 3 of the process were without further problems or reversals.


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