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Shayne McKenzie
Certified Therapist

Australia - Sydney, NSW

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Peak states of consciousness


Relationship issues


"My purpose is to facilitate the achievement of human potential. This includes all humans having optimal health – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. My journey to arrive at Peak States was not driven by a need to heal myself but rather a passion to make the greatest contribution to humankind, although I was wise enough to know that it would include some personal healing of my own ☺ My vision of a world where everyone is living a life they love now seems more possible than ever before with Peak States processes. 
"Using cutting edge healing therapies, I can assist you in resolving your issues in only 1-3 sessions. By healing the initial trauma that is triggering you or blocking you from experiencing life as you desire you can now experience life with love, peace and joy. 
"As your guide, I will assist you in your self-healing using Peak States, Whole Hearted Healing (WHH) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I will be very present and totally supportive throughout your healing. Given my background in NLP, hypnosis and life coaching, I may also use these methods to assist you. 
Issues that I specialise in include peak states, self-esteem, family and relationship, emotional upsets, depression and general life problems. I am available for face-to-face or Skype sessions."

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