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Traumatic Brain Injury


The  journey as a Peak States Therapist is guided for me to make a great contribution to humandkind.

With the Peak States processes you can reach your full potential and can optimize any area of life."

Aneta Lesniewska is Peak States therapist. She has been registered since 2014. Prior to Peak States she has expierience as NLP Coach Master, Hypnotherapist, currently she is qualified Homeopath BSc(Hons) having her own practice in Saltaire, UK.

Aneta treatment specialisation Peak States Therapy: Traumatic Brain Injury 
This process is right for people who are experiencing reduced functioning brain from falls during sport, vehicle collision, violence and other physical trauma to the head. 
•Relationship issues,  
•Addiction from substances cigarettes.
•Eating disorders bulimia, anorexia.
•Thoughts and hearing voices,
•Intensive mind chatting 
My prefer way to meet new client is by skype (Aneta3444) after email me what do you want to achieve in therapy. 
Traumatic Brain Injury 
The one thing that keeps coming back to me about the process is that the slur in my speech has gone. It use to make people think I was mentally challenged when I was not in the first place!. As a result of the process my speech is clearer and the slur is gone from speech. 
Helen, Australia 
Relationship issues 
I have had a number of sessions of Peak States with relationships issues and homeopathic consultations. The first therapy works great. It’s difficult for me to remember my old emotional issues problems and all my negative emotions had gone. Aneta is very keen to understand the detail behind my issues and was very calm during session. She didn’t look at the clock and made sure my issues had been healed. My friends noticed a change in my emotional states as I have become more calmer - often smiling. it’s easier to discuss and solve any problems. Aneta also offers Homeopathic consultations. Thanks for homeopathy I did not have to use traditional tablets for my physical illness all old symptoms disappeared
J.A Warsaw 
Relationship issues 
You were also very warm and friendly which helped to relax me before the actually therapy started. After the session, I literally felt like a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders and my heart predominantly. I use to feel so much pain in my heart, as if I was grieving for something or someone, that happened way before my time and your session really helped cleared that feeling up. 
Thank you for the session and I will be booking another one soon.  I would absolutely recommend Peak states to friends and family (who would actually care about this kind of stuff). 
Natalie, UK 















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