Aneta Lesniewska

Aneta Lesniewska
Certified Therapist

London, UK

Phone: +44 7411081921

Skype: Aneta3444


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Traumatic Brain Injury

Relationship issues

Substance addiction

Mind chatter/ Thoughts

Aneta Lesniewska hold M.A in Special Needs Education from Academy of Pedagogy in Warsaw. With a background in Nlp Aneta is passionate about life seeking a balance in all things emotional,mental and spiritual. The  journey as a Peak States Therapist is guided to make a great contribution to humandkind.

With the Peak States processes you can reach your full potential and can optimize any area of life.

Aneta can help you heal a wide variety of psychological issues .

Are you stressed and tired of every day life?

Have you been blocked from experiencing life or you are stressed and tired of every day challenges?

Do you resist changes as the true result of the path towards your dream goal?

Is the heaviness of everyday life blocking your access to your consciousness?

Find an easy optimistic and positive way to follow the stream of life.










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