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  1. Imposter Syndrome
  2. Stress & Anxiety
  3. Limited Money Beliefs
  4. Procrastination in Business

My favorite way to help people is through teaching the art of living in the moment, which really means helping people in developing the ability to really "trust life". And I have found with the ISPS Peak States Therapy processes that they are the most effective, rapid, and reliable techniques I've ever come across for healing a person into the state of trusting life and living in the moment ... The institute aptly named this state Calm, Peace and Light. 
And now, ever since studying & certifying with the institute as a trauma therapist, I have made this my flagship mission: to bring calm, peace and light to the leaders, business people, and influencers of our world, so that they can trickle down their renewed peace, health and love to the folks who look up to them.

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