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Switzerland - Zurich

Joanna Zaborowska - Psychologist
Tel: +41 79 675 0033
Email: joannazab9@gmail.com
Peak States
Life Path
Supporting women
Consciousness, the phenomenon of the human psyche, spirituality, people's motivation, the underlying causes of our living and development on one hand, and on the other it's correspondence to the biology, its mirroring in the human body, and its practical applications have been an interest of mine since childhood. This focus led me to study psychology and explore different psychotherapy schools (I am a certified psychotherapist of Bioenergetics). On this journey I discovered the Peak States approach that combines all of these dimensions - having a holistic view on the phenomenon of the consciousness and being testable, researchable, and structured. … Learn More

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Ethical Guidelines for Institute Certified Therapists
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