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Switzerland - Lausanne
France - Mâcon-Lyon

Céline Guérin - PhD in Neurosciences
Certified Peak States Therapist
Tel: +41 76.413.93.25 (Suisse) / +33 (France)
Email: Celine email
Stress management
Highly sensitive and high potential persons
Sexual abuse
Depression, anxiety and self esteem issues
Consciousness awakening
As far as I can remember, I was always trying to understand myself and others. My dream was to know "everything" about human beings... so I started by studying physiology, cellular and molecular biology, then I specialized in Neurosciences during my PhD (2003-2008). My main questioning was about the difference between innate and acquired behaviors... the question was "do we really have free will? And how can I set myself free from my habits, trans-generational inheritance and inner programs or limiting beliefs? During my PhD, I was reaching the limit of scientific knowledge and was needing more... At this moment, I discovered regression and meditation and, at the same time, I had the incredible opportunity to work in a psychiatric institute. I had to face how traumatic human experiences could be leading to mental disorders. The hyper-sensitivity of those "psychiatric patients" was deeply touching me, because they were often so true, not wearing any masks, and were suffering from that... After that experience, I decided to realise another dream: to travel freely and without any plans just to follow my freshly discovered inner guidance. Then I started a spiritual journey that bring me through south America, India, Australia... to discover traditional healing practices: massages, energetical healing, shamanism, yoga and meditation. … Learn More
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Switzerland - Zurich

Joanna Zaborowska - Psychologist
Tel: +41 79 675 0033
Peak States
Life Path
Supporting women
Consciousness, the phenomenon of the human psyche, spirituality, people's motivation, the underlying causes of our living and development on one hand, and on the other it's correspondence to the biology, its mirroring in the human body, and its practical applications have been an interest of mine since childhood. This focus led me to study psychology and explore different psychotherapy schools. On this journey I discovered the Peak States approach that combines all of these dimensions - having a holistic view on the phenomenon of the consciousness and being testable, researchable, and structured. … Learn More

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