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Poland - Kraków

Jolanta Hamerlik
Certified Peak States Therapist
Whats App/ Phone: +48 663-874-368
Email: Jolanta_email
Generational issues
Emotional blocks
Self confidence
Stress/burn out
Limiting beliefs
As far as I remember, I always dreamed about helping people in an effective way to improve their quality of life. I have tested and learned healing methods such as Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations or Rebirthing.
On my  journey I discovered the Peak States approach that combines dimensions of the human psyche, biology and consciousness phenomenon. I have been using effective techniques developed by the Institute to become the best version of myself in all life domains. 
If you are looking to improve your relationships, increase self-confidence, release emotional blocks or you want to empower yourself by erasing limiting beliefs

Odkąd pamiętam, zawsze marzyłam o skutecznym pomaganiu ludziom w poprawianiu ich jakości życia. Przetestowałam i nauczyłam się metod leczenia, takich jak Konstelacje Rodzinne Berta Hellingera lub Rebirthing.
Podczas mojej podróży odkryłam podejście Peak States, które łączy wymiary ludzkiej psychiki, biologii i fenomen świadomości. Korzystałam ze skutecznych technik opracowanych przez Instytut, aby stać się najlepszą wersją siebie we wszystkich dziedzinach życia.
Jeśli chcesz poprawić swoje relacje, zwiększyć pewność siebie, uwolnić bloki emocjonalne lub chcesz wzmocnić siebie poprzez usunięcie ograniczających przekonań
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Poland - Wrocław

Justyna Jankiewicz, Ph.D.
Tel: +48 693 487 535
Email: Justyna email
Eating disorders
I'm a doctor in physician science in the discipline of physics. I live and work in Wrocław.
I'm also a dietitian and my goal is to help people with an eating disorder. I am sure that the Peak States Therapy might help us understand the nature of this disorder and can cure anyone - it's a very sure success method.

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Poland - Kraków

Marzena Defler
tel. 791-190-403
Email: Marzena email 2
website: www.marzena.defler.pl
Generational issues
Emotional blocks
Limiting beliefs
Emotional reactivity
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Arkadiusz Glowacki image
Poland - Lodz

Arkadiusz Glowacki
Tel: 603 059 545
Email: Glowacki email
Specializing in:
- Community building
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Aleksandra Narkowicz image
Poland - Warszawa, Bartoszyce; Sweden - Sztokholm

Aleksandra Narkowicz
Tel. 602432320
Email: Aleksandra Narkowicz email
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Irlandia - Dublin
Włochy Scalea

Krystyna Luzar
Certified Peak States Therapist
Mobile: +353 877 732 424
Email: Krystyna email
Website: www.krystynaluzar.eu
Counsellor Gestalt, licencjonowany terapeuta oddechem, terapeuta pracy z ciałem.
Prowadzę terapie indywidualna dla dorosłych, terapie par, rodzin,pracuje z uzależnieniami. Prowadzę warsztaty terapeutyczne.
Jestem członkiem:
- Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Counsellingu Krakow Polska
- Assocciazione Italina Di Counselling AICO Włochy          Learn More
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Switzerland - Zurich

Joanna Zaborowska - Psychologist
Tel: +41 79 675 0033
Email: joannazab9@gmail.com
Peak States
Life Path
Supporting women
Consciousness, the phenomenon of the human psyche, spirituality, people's motivation, the underlying causes of our living and development on one hand, and on the other it's correspondence to the biology, its mirroring in the human body, and its practical applications have been an interest of mine since childhood. This focus led me to study psychology and explore different psychotherapy schools. On this journey I discovered the Peak States approach that combines all of these dimensions - having a holistic view on the phenomenon of the consciousness and being testable, researchable, and structured. … Learn More
Agata Szyplińska image
Poland - Gdańsk
Spain - Canary Islands, Gran Canaria

Agata Szyplińska - psychologist
Peak States Clinic Staff Therapist and Certified Trainer
tel. +34 685 051 586
Email: Agata_email2
website: www.therapyfuente.com
Generational issues
Mind chatter
Emotional reactivity
Agata is a staff member of the Polish Peak States clinic, with a private practice in Gran Canaria .....           Learn More
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Poland - Gdansk
Spain - Barcelona

Katarzyna Blicharska
Certified Peak States Therapist
Tel. +34 644 095 813
Web: kateelixir.com
Email: Kasia_email
Poprawa jakości życia
Lęki i obawy
Wspieranie kobiet
Poczucie własnej wartości
Reaktywność emocjonalna
Związki Kwestie dotyczące relacji

Life Improvement
Anxiety and Fears
Supporting Women
Self Esteem
Emotional Reactivity
Relationships Issues
Rozwojem duchowym zajmuje sie od ponad dwudziestu lat. Jestem certyfikowana terapeutka metody Peak States Therapy - Psychologii Subkomorkowej, Bioenergoterapeutka i Astrologiem. Szkolilam sie takze miedzy innymi w takich technikach jak Integracja Oddechem, Chirurgia Fantomowa, Balansowanie Aury, Regresing. Praktykuje medytacje od kilkunastu lat.

Pracuje metoda Peak States poniewaz uwazam ja za najszybsza, niezwykle skuteczna i dajaca najwieksze rezultaty i samodzielnosc klientom. Potrafie pomoc osobom skontaktowac sie i poradzic sobie ze swoimi lekami, poczuciem odrzucenia i samotnosci i znalezieniem oparcia w sobie

I have been practicing spiritual development for over twenty years. I am a certified therapist of the Peak States Therapy method - Subcellular Psychology, Therapeutic Touch and Astrologer. I have been also trained in techniques such as Breath Integration, Phantom Surgery, Aura Balancing, and Regresing. I'm practicing meditation since many years.

I work with Peak States method because I think it is the fastest, extremely effective and gives the greatest results and independence to the clients. I can help people contact and deal with their fears, feelings of rejection and loneliness and finding support in themselves
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Cracow, Poland

Danuta Czarny
Skype: danutac6
WhatsApp/ Phone: +44(0)7455 949490
Email: DanutaCzarny_email
Website: www.ceofaw.com/homepage/
Emotional blocks
Migration/ emigration challenges
Burn out/ stress
Self esteem/ self confidence
Limiting beliefs
Financial freedom
Centre of Awareness. Your centre. To make your unconscious become conscious.
I would like to welcome you in this therapeutic relationship that is dedicated to the unique process of self-discovery and inner exploration.
I will gently guide and support you, in order for you to recognize and heal traumatic memories and emotions, physical feelings and sensations that limit your life, by blocking the gateway to joy and self-love, and for you to find and transform all beliefs that cut your existence down to a narrow and painful perspective of only survival in life.
I will assist you in exploring the new meanings of your difficulties and challenges and of what your family or past generations experienced. I will also help you to heal your deepest wounds and clear the path to embrace your true self .....           Learn More

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Warsaw, Poland
Saltaire Leeds, West Yorkshire, U.K.

Aneta Lesniewska
Phone: +44 07411081921
Skype: Aneta3444
Website: www.anetahomeopathy.co.uk
Email: Aneta email
Traumatic Brain Injury
Relationship issues
Substance addiction
Mind chatter/ thoughts
The journey as a Peak States Therapist has guided for me to make a great contribution to humandkind. With the Peak States processes you can reach your full potential and can optimize any area of life. Aneta Lesniewska is Peak States therapist. She has been registered since 2014. Prior to Peak States she has experience as NLP coach, Hypnotherapist, currently she is qualified Homeopath having her own practice in Saltaire http://www.anetahomeopathy.co.uk .....           Learn More
Grażyna Niedzieska image
Poland - Warsaw

Grażyna Niedzieska - psychologist
Peak States Clinic Staff Therapist
Phone: +48 607 637 877
Email: Grazyna Niedzieska email
PeakStates clinic
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