Germany also has a PeakStates clinic near München.

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Gudrun Luderitz image
Germany - Greifswald

Gudrun Lüderitz
Tel: 04521 7969250, 0160 917 49445
Email: Gudrun Luederitz email
"Viele Jahre meines Lebens habe ich nach Verbesserung meiner Lebensumstände und meines Lebensgefühls gesucht und ich habe viel ausprobiert und gelernt, sowohl im Alltag als auch in der Heilarbeit. Die Traumaheilung, die das ISPS anbietet, .....           Learn More
Gerda Dassing image
Germany - Gross Roge

Gerda Dassing
Tel. 039978/569711
Email: Gerda Dassing email
"Ich, eine 70 Jahre lebensgereifte Peakstates Therapeuten biete individuelle Reisebegleitung für Einzelpersonen, kleine Gruppen, Familien - für die Reise INS Leben.. Körper und Geist über die Seele erreichen! Incl. Yoga, tägliche Sitzungen/Gespräche, .....           Learn More
Ingka Malten image
Germany - München

Ingka Margot Malten - Staff Therapist
Phone: (Germany) +49(0)8249 969 3330;
Mobile +49(0)162 9060 211
Email: Ingka Malten email
PeakStates clinic
"Even before I used Rebirthing, EFT, WHH and PeakStates as healing modalities, I have always tried to look into the connection between a physical sickness and the psychological background and belief system with my clients. I see time and again that a problem on .....           Learn More
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Dr Daniel Zeiss MD
Email: Daniel_Zeiss_email
Peak States
Metaphysical Anatomy
Completion Process
"I have a unique background as a licensed medical doctor and specialist in occupational medicine. I have also worked in the global insurance industry. My experiences allow me to coach my clients with a deeper understanding on how to gently release old emotional injuries and stress and to feel empowered again. .....           Learn More

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Ethical Guidelines for Institute Certified Therapists
The ISPS has ethical guidelines for certified and/or licensed graduates of our programs. If you are a client of an ISPS certified therapist, and have a complaint or wish to report an ethical violation, please contact us immediately so we can take appropriate action. The phone number is 250-413-3211 in Canada, or email us.

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