Danmark (Denmark)
There is a Peak States clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Denmark - Aalsgaarde

Rosalina Reiter
Phone: +45 22 92 20 22
Email: ReiterEmail
"With Fear as my personal teacher I have worked with spirituality, healing, psychotherapy, bodywork, bioenergetic and EFT for more than 25 years. I have been engaged in an effort to seek more life and healing for ordinary people. First when I met Peak States .....           Learn More
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Denmark - Copenhagen

Lailah Johansson - Staff Therapist
Phone: (45) 20616688
Email: Lailah Johansson email
PeakStates clinic
.....           Learn More
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Denmark - Copenhagen

Dr. Kirsten Lykkegaard - Staff Therapist
Phone: (45) 20643539
Email: Kirsten email
PeakStates clinic
My passion is to see people be happy and thrive. This can be through regaining lost health or through new growth into who they truly are. There are many reasons to why a person is not living their full potential, feeling alive and on track. I assist you in zooming in on and heal what may be in your way for achieving your optimal health. Specialization: Traumatic brain injury (TBI).…           Learn More
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Denmark - Helsingør

Nicolai Lund Hassing
Phone: +45 60 66 50 66
Email: Nicolai email
Website: www.psykobiologi.dk
Mental disorders
"Educated social worker with expertise in mental disorders" .....           Learn More
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Denmark - Vejle Nord

Leif Pedersen - Staff Therapist
Phone: +45 7556 0838, +45 5117 1838
Email: Pederson email
"I have a background in biology and sales management, and I have over two decades experience in conventional and cutting edge therapies. I live a traditional family life in rural Denmark and I am committed to spreading the Peak States paradigm to mankind .....           Learn More
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Denmark - V. Skerninge

Mette Helstrup
Phone: +45 21 26 30 69
Email: Mette_email
"A little bit about myself: I have a masters in chemical engineering and my interest has been biotechnology at university. I teach at a technical college, but have my clinic where I do kinesiology and from now on also peak states therapy. I find epigenetics and subcellular .....           Learn More

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Ethical Guidelines for Institute Certified Therapists
The ISPS has ethical guidelines for certified and/or licensed graduates of our programs. If you are a client of an ISPS certified therapist, and have a complaint or wish to report an ethical violation, please contact us immediately so we can take appropriate action. The phone number is +1-250-509-0514 in Canada, or email us.

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