There is a research clinic in Canada.

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Canada - Victoria, British Columbia

Matthew Learning
Email: Matthew email
Imposter syndrome
Stress & anxiety
Limited money beliefs
Procrastination in business
My favorite way to help people is through teaching the art of living in the moment, which really means helping people in developing the ability to really "trust life". And I have found with the ISPS Therapy processes that they are the most effective, rapid, and reliable techniques I've ever come across for healing a person into the state of trusting life and living in the moment ... The Institute aptly named this state Calm, Peace and Light. …  Learn More
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Canada - Montreal, Québec

Julien Roux
Email: Julien_email2
- Any emotional/ mental blocks
- Kundalini's issues
- Negative thoughts
- Self-blame, self-criticism
- Self-sabotage
- Self-discovery
- Peak States
- Research
For as long as I can remember, I have always been committed to helping people, to helping them feel free and good in their lives.
I have tested, and learned many healing methods over the years. And all those experimentation and expertise is what I offer you in our fundamental transformation sessions.
I help people to completely free themselves from their emotional distress and suffering, by healing the root cause.

D'aussi loin que je me rappelle, j'ai toujours eu à cœur d'aider les gens, de les aider à se sentir libres et bien dans leur vie.
J'ai essayé, et appris de nombreuses méthodes de guérison au fils des années…  Learn More
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Canada - Lloydminster, AB

Jennifer Beattie, M.Sc.
Registered Psychologist
Phone: 780-874-0335
Aspergers Syndrome
Jennifer Beattie, M.Sc., is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta, Canada. She has been a Registered Psychologist since 2005 and has worked in the counseling field since 2001. Her professional degrees include a Master of Science in Marital and Family .....           Learn More
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Canada - Montreal, Québec

Ghita Ibnbrahim
Email: Ghita email2
Self esteem
Peak States
Life Path
Highly sensitive
I am on maternity leave until August 2023 so I am not taking on new clients at this time.

As a child, I was fascinated by the human behavior and the human mind in general. I saw people suffer and I looked for ways to help them.
Growing up I did a lot of self-development using different techniques.
I studied Reiki and became a Reiki Grandmaster. I certified as an NLP Master Practitioner and was trained in hypnosis. When I read about the Institute for the Study of Peak States and joined their training, I realized I finally met my passion and all my previous trainings led me to Peak States.
I used the Institute effective techniques to become the best version of myself in all areas of my life. I become happy, joyful and more fulfilled.
Peak States improved my life in ways I never thought possible.
If you are looking to increase your self-esteem and gain more confidence …         Learn More
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Canada - Hornby Island, BC

Grant McFetridge, Ph.D.
Phone: 250-413-3211, 949-338-5943
Email: Grant McFetridge
Dr. Grant McFetridge directs the research and development efforts. "I did my doctoral work in psychology at the California Institute for Integral Studies and at the University for Integrative Learning. My areas of expertise are in diagnosis, spiritual emergency .....           Learn More

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Ethical Guidelines for Institute Certified Therapists
The ISPS has ethical guidelines for certified and/or licensed graduates of our programs. If you are a client of an ISPS certified therapist, and have a complaint or wish to report an ethical violation, please contact us immediately so we can take appropriate action. The phone number is +1-250-509-0514 in Canada, or email us.

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