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Lars Mygind
Certified Therapist

Denmark - Hirtshals

Phone: (45) 40 32 73 86 
Skovbovej 10, Tomby 
9850 Hirtshals, Denmark
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Teaching EFT

"All my life I had the desire to heal the world and have happy, wonderful people around me. This conquest, to heal the world, was very painful for many years until I discovered Breath Work in 1997, a huge leap forward. Finally something happened and I got out of my addictions. Next big leap was TFT/EFT in 2002, 2008 I have trained more than 400 people in this, tapped on more than 3000 clients, healed myself immensely. In between these major breakthroughs I did many trainings, NLP, Anthony Robbins, kinesiology, Meditation, Laughter Yoga, hypnosis among others. Finally I got to the Peak States training in 2008, healed more trauma in 10 days than all the rest together, best value in one workshop I ever had. Now with the techniques of the ISPS more miracles happen every day. My focus today is TFT/EFT, ISPS peak states techniques, WHH, laughter and some Breath Work. The future is to become a leading Peak States trainer within ISPS and bring these techniques to the world." 

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