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Peak State Processes
Trauma Healing
Whole-Hearted Healing

Lorenza has been spiritually searching for more than 10 years ways to feel better within herself, truly learn how to enjoy life and become who she really feels is herself.
Her path brought her to the Institute work and since then her interest and drive to show others how to be and do what they really want became increasingly stronger.
She likes to work with blocked artists, students, people of all age and whoever is searching for effective healing techniques.She is dedicated to help people find their own true beauty, respect and love for their body, boost self-esteem up and regain confidence.

Since I was an adolescent, I had been looking for a better way to live my life.
I tried different approaches from Reiki to yoga, from meditation to family constellations.
In 2008 I left Italy to start a journey that immensely changed my life.
To Life, I was asking to lead me to the right technique to heal my self and to be joyful and happy again - if not for the first time ever.
I knew there was one, and my path led me to Nemi and since then I have been deepening the study of the Institute techniques.
I witnessed miracles happening in my own life and I can just jump out of my skin by only thinking how these discoveries can improve someone else life!
I like to work with stressed students or artists, anyone with low self-esteem and self-acceptance issues or who just wants a general life improvement.
I would like to assist people to regain respect and love for themselves, to build resilience and the ability to cope and deal with major events and changes in one's life.

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