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Hanne Mygind-Heilesen
Certified Therapist

Denmark - Hirtshals

Phone: (45) 21 67 78 83 
Skovbovej 10, Tomby 
9850 Hirtshals, Denmark
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"Ever since my lifepath changed significantly in 1997, where I let go of a traditional career in finance to do breathwork instead, I have been looking and trying techniques for healing. I have always wanted to get better healing for my clients and myself. I did breathwork for some years and then I got into TFT/EFT which was amazing because discomforts and problems disappeared so much quicker. Then my husband took the 10 day Peak States training and he was a different person when he came back, so of course I had to go too. I took the same course in Oktober 2007 and was amazed and excited by the scope of this work. I am happy to be able to offer peak states therapy to clients through face-to-face sessions or via telephone. In the future I hope to open a Peak States Treatment Center in Denmark." 

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