Karen Haworth
Certified Therapist

North West, United Kingdom

Phone: 07946107493

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Karen Haworth has over 20 years’ experience in the field of personal and spiritual development and a member of the International Institute for the complimentary therapist.  She has combined her experience as a breathwork therapist, meditation teacher, and peak states therapist to offer a confidential, professional and ethical high-quality service. Her clients comment on Karen's dedication to finding a solution to whatever problem they came in with and her dedication to finding an effective solution. She has a reputation for providing methods and techniques in a simple easy to use way that is grounded providing a comfortable, nurturing and loving space. 

For people seeking effective ways to improve their life permanently. For people who have been looking for a solution in an aspect of their life, they have been unable to resolve with other methods. Or perhaps you want to regain a wonderful peak experience you once had. Karen also specialises in an alternative treatment for Traumatic brain injury. (TBI)


You can see Karen at One Heart healing therapy centre in Darwen, Lancashire, North West U.K or  via skype.





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