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Gigi is no longer practicing in NZ

She trained in Peak States Therapy at the Australian ISPS Clinic in 2008. She has a wealth of knowledge gathered over 40 years of personal experience in healing and sharing wellness consultations and support methods.


Gigi worked primarily with the Peak States Therapy paradigm in healing sessions, including Whole Hearted Healing and EFT. She also draws on over three decades of professional experience as a Yoga Teacher, Rebirthing Breathwork Master, Quantum Dynamics power clearing teacher and women's healing group facilitator.


Gigi specializes in healing the trauma of stressfull issues. She has the gift of helping people to find clarity and creating the safety needed to effectively come to peace with very difficult issues. 

At a young age she experienced the devastating trauma of a life threatening accident, however she was determined to learn how to live a life free from the limiting medical prognosis given to her then. In her recovery quest, Gigi was guided on a healing path through many different modalities and life experiences, to eventually find some of the best healing methods available. Peak States Therapy is one of those and it has far surpassed most other healing methods she has experienced. 






"I have done several sessions of Peak States therapy with Gigi Gilchrist which have made a big difference for me. It is now possible for me to enter into situations, which used to be very painful, with a clear and open mind. When I get into a situation I can react the old way with fear and resistance, (but) it is as if the mind remembers the pain that used to be there. I can see that there is no pain or resistance in my system, it is gone. I have tried many other forms of therapy, but none has proved as successful as Peak States for me.”


Leif 69 yrs Sweden






“..Thank you so much for your skillful and loving support. I still feel amazing thanks to your guidance; grounded, relaxed and positive. Much reduced sciatic twinges and my knee feels much better. Mostly very tired and sleeping a lot these last few days, so perhaps baby is not far now?..I send my love and deep gratitude to you...Arohanui.


Brit - Far North NZ




“I had a healing with Gigi a month or so ago. At the time I was waking up in the middle of the night with panic attacks, which I have suffered from since October 2011....It felt like I was always living on the edge, ready to fall into an abyss of insanity. 

I had three sessions of healing grief and deep tears that I didn’t know I had. Since the healing I have not suffered one panic attack and I don’t feel like I am just keeping my head above water anymore. I feel much more myself, more alive, enjoying life again and in touch with my sensitivity. I feel more confident to be around people and more open and loving. I am a different person.

I find Gigi to be a very gentle, clear and nurturing person, who guides one gently and intuitively through a deep healing process. I highly recommend her for healing unknown fears, grief and panic/anxiety attacks. Be open and ready.”

Johanna - Yoga Teacher Northland New Zealand 



“A couple of weeks ago, I saw Gigi Gilchrist because I seemed not to be able to shake off the consequences of a decision I had to make some years ago. I was already 39 years old when my husband and I tried to have a baby. To my surprise I became pregnant right away and was of course very excited and happy. Because of my age I decided to have a genetic test done, to make sure our baby would be healthy. It came as a complete shock when I was told that we would be facing a multitude of genetic problems. With a very heavy heart we decided to abort and to never try again. This decision has haunted me for years, and I have always been envious of mothers and their children; and talking about my experience always made me cry right away. I am almost 50 now, and I wanted to be able to accept the fact that we will be childless and I will never experience the joy of a healthy pregnancy. 

Gigi introduced me to EFT and then we began a full Whole Hearted Healing session on my issue. I was honestly quite skeptical that this therapy with its “funny tapping” could change anything. But to my utter amazement it worked. I immediately felt much better and happier. A week later, during a get-together of local women, where the talk of children is always inevitable, I noticed a huge change in my attitude. I used to be always so sad and envious, listening to the stories of my friends and other women. But this time I just thought: “Gosh, am I lucky to not have all these problems of schooling, baby-sitters, teenagers and drugs and sex, etc. What a change. I can hardly believe it, but I feel great! Thank you so much, Gigi, to introduce me to this amazing work."

Elke Liebe - Massage Therapist Bay of Islands New Zealand



"Hi Gigi, since beginning my healing work with you, I have been feeling so much better about so many issues that had been haunting me all my life. Now the pain and sadness I carried in my heart for so many years has melted away! I am moving forward at last free from so much baggage and I want to thank you so much for your help."

V New resident – Northland New Zealand



"I completed the Inner Peace process with Gigi Gilchrist about two months ago. We did it on SKYPE, a format that worked well enough.  When we started the process, I identified 4 issues that I rated between 2 and 4 in emotional intensity. And I'm happy to report that they all went down to 0. I can now think of those four specific circumstances in my life without feeling any regrets or resentment. Nothing. It's as if I remembered watching a movie - just another story! In fact, I haven't even thought about those 'stories' since we did the process, had to look through my notebook to find what they were, where we started and how it ended. In a nutshell, each one of them became a non-event, a good feeling! Thank you Gigi, I can highly recommend your work. And it was a pleasure to work with you too."

Marlyse Carroll Director – Inner Peace centre Melbourne Australia



“I am deeply grateful to have met Gigi. The results I have received by doing and learning the processes facilitated, have made a huge difference to my state of being; I am truly grateful.... I went home feeling great, noticed people looking at me and treating me differently at Sydney airport, my neighbor said that I looked great. Thanks.”

Mike - Plumber NSW Australia



“I am definitely a lot more confident now than I was when I came to see you and am not getting that nauseous feeling inside at all anymore...The meditation, tapping and geneology stuff we did together was a very new thing for me...I really like the idea of being as calm and relaxed as I was the first time I saw you. The session we had over skype was quite intense at times for me, trying to work out what I was meant to be feeling, I felt good afterwards and I believe it has helped me... So I think ...I am feeling a lot more happy inside myself and not having to worry about how I'm going to feel when I run into an awkward situation in my mind is amazing when I think back to how I was feeling a few months ago.” 

M Shop Assistant NZ South Island




Peak States Therapy uses proven processes that heal trauma at the most fundamental level in the human psyche, in the biology. This does not involve any need for psychoanalysis, re-traumatizing stories, excessive talking or indulging in emotional catharsis. It does however required the client’s awareness to be fully in the body when working. If you want to permanently heal problematic issues, without drama and/or you are interested in greatly improving your state of consciousness, then Peak States Therapy may be right for you.


Peak States Therapy is not counselling. It has evolved out of nearly three decades of research into the biology of psychology. This research gives a new understanding into the nature of the fundamental relationship between our physical body and our consciousness. Mind, body, energetic and spiritual therapies alone, often cannot create fast or permanent changes in the consciousness, because the underlying biological structure that houses the consciousness is often too damaged to change: it needs healing first. This is why we can become dependent on some therapies for symptomatic relief and temporary results, without gaining permanent improvements or changes in consciousness. This does not happen with Peak States Therapy. Typically, it can either completely heal the problem, or not.


Many people are functioning in poor health and poor states of consciousness, due to early physical damage that occurred during the long journey into a physical body. This damage has blocked the consciousness from properly merging with the body in pre-birth development. This is where most trauma originates. A client who has had a traumatic life, will invariably have more pre-birth trauma, than one who has not, but the origins of trauma usually go back to before birth, regardless of ones quality of life. The application of this new knowledge also allows us to heal targeted early developmental event trauma, in order to recover specific natural peak states of consciousness. Healing trauma helps one to become more functional, relational and grounded in a physical body and more at peace in life generally.


A peak state is simply a natural part of an optimally functioning consciousness, where perceptions and abilities that are usually considered extraordinary, become a natural state of being. At the ISPS, three decades of research into the nature of Peak States has discovered that intentional healing of trauma in specific places during the development of the body, can cause the recovery of targeted peak states of consciousness. For the majority of people many natural peak states were lost due to trauma, but the good news is that some can be recovered. The states of Inner Peace and Silent Mind for example, can be recovered with a Peak States Therapist.

There are many different peak states. The spiritual practices of religions and yogas, are often followed by students in an attempt to regain or maintain peak states of consciousness, but the truth is, one can do spiritual practices for a long time and have little real success. Many great masters and teachers of certain traditions have been born with natural peak states, which they try to induce in their students by teaching specific methods, but it is often to no avail because many students will be too damaged to be able to respond well to the techniques. The Silent Mind Peak State process for example, stops involuntary mind chatter with one Peak State process, which takes 4-6 hours to obtain; while a meditator could very well spend a whole life time trying to quieten the same mind chatter.



Post traumatic stress - PTSD, Past trauma, Flashbacks 

Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Depression

Anger and Fear

Grief and Loss

PMT symptoms

Lifestyle and Relationship Stress

Difficult energetic dynamics in relationships

Fears and difficulties with pregnancy and birth

Spiritual Emergency crisis

Traumatized breathing patterns

Dysfunctional family patterns

Generational problems

Recurring emotional triggers

Personality problems and irrational behaviors

Poor sense of self and false self-identities

Attention problems and ADHD

Physical Pain

Medically inexplainable pains in the body

Chronic Fatigue and Post Viral Syndromes

Complex and chronic health conditions

Overwhelm and Confusion

Insecurity and Phobias

Internal voices and Overactive mind

Sexual attraction difficulties 

Obsessions, Cravings and addictions

Unusual physical sensations



As yet, Peak States Therapists cannot do Peak State process work with clients who are suicidal or who have serious mental illness; however crisis support can be given in these situations. If you are unsure about your own or a loved ones needs, please feel free to discuss the situation with Gigi in confidence. 

It is not possible to reverse serious physical damage like major physical injuries that have happened since birth, but the associated trauma can still be healed, which then frees one to be at peace with past events in the present. (See Inner Peace Peak State process) 


To begin with, you will learn how to use the simple tapping technique off EFT to support yourself to heal. The power tool of Emotional Freedom Technique has been given to the world by Gary Craig. You can view his website HERE. EFT is simple tapping on specific meridian points on the body, to clear the energy that was blocked and imbalanced by the trauma you want to heal. At the ISPS we now know that using EFT allows stuck and damaged genes, generational traumas and body associations relating to your issue, to be healed in the biology. Once you become proficient at using EFT, you will have the benefit of being able to do it yourself at home as well.

View the full EFT tapping instructions HERE.



Once you begin healing, you can gradually experience measurable changes in your body and consciousness. Fully healing a specific issue or trauma that was stressful at first, means that when you recall it after your session, you will feel emotionally CALM, mentally at PEACE and physically LIGHT in the body. This is called CPL. Feeling completely CPL about your issue is the sign that you have healed all the trauma. This is not just a mental process.


Essentially, if one is feeling distressed and not feeling calm, peaceful and light about something, it means there is trauma activated somewhere in the biology; most commonly in damaged genes and body associations. This is not about negative feelings alone. Even being attached to positive memories, feeling overexcited about things, or feeling ungrounded, is an expression of this biological disturbance. Using targeted EFT until CPL is achieved, can usually fully heal an issue at this cellular level.





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