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Marta Czepukojć
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Spiritual Emergencies

Development Potentials

Marta Czepukojć, M.Sc., sociologist, personal coach  who works in the M. Erickson’s approach. She has been a soft skills trainer since 2004 and worked in the business and at the universities (Tischner European University, Cracow and University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Sopot). She was trained in the Gestalt therapy and Process Oriented Psychology. 
Marta’s passion is assisting and helping people discover and develop personal as well as professional potential. She also helps people in overcoming spiritual and personal crises (Spiritual Emergencies). She assists people in the transformative  journey  through healing and discovering a potential the crisis brings to them.  She perceives this kind of crisis, its overcoming and integration  as a great opportunity to  enhance the level of one’s consciousness and life performance.

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