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Nicolai Lund Hassing
Certified Therapist
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-Feeling drained?
-Existentialistic crisis
-Mental disorders

I am educated as a social worker and have expertize in mental disorders.

Ever since my high school teacher told me to read the existentialism of Søren Kierkegaard I have been on a journey - that is when my life really started. Kierkegaard showed all the different possibilities on how different people could relate to their own existence. And combining the psychobiological approaches from the paradigm of the Peak States work, we now have a complete model to explain all the aspects on the human self reflection. This is indeed fascinating!

My specializations:

Existential issues? - if you have issues on how to deal with big questions of life. Like: who am I? What am I? Why am I? 

Feeling drained by specific persons? - we know exactly how to deal with this issue for good.

Anxiety? - combining knowledge with the work of dr. Hamer and the insights of Peak States have shown to give perfect results.

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Dec 14, 2016